About us

Pryvit,  Hello!
Let’s get acquainted. We are Olga and Marceau, a happy Dutch – Ukrainian couple that started Love Bridge international matchmaking agency. Together with our team in Ukraine we want to help single men from the West to find and meet their beautiful Ukrainian princess.

The idea of starting our own matchmaking agency came after our own matchmaking adventure and the idea that we could use our own experience to help others and to improve on the way of working of other agencies. Our own matchmaking adventure started at the end of 2015. Both of us were dreaming about finding our soul mate. But how to do this if you have a very busy life or if you have memories of imperfect relations or even a very painful divorce? But fortunately this did not stop us to try to find our happiness. Cupid put the idea in our heads to contact a marriage agency. And, in this way, we met each other in Vinnitsia on an Indian Summer evening… Shortly after we married in Ukraine and started the procedure to be together in the Netherlands. And the rest as they say, is history.

Looking back at our experiences with other marriage agencies, we noticed a not so perfect world. We had a peek in their “kitchen”: we could not only see clean plates and forks. But, there was also dust of indifference, thirst for money, absence of human values and a discrepancy with what was on the “menu card” and what their “kitchen” prepared. Going through this experience we decided to start our own matchmaking agency that would work according to human core values and would be based on quality and reality! We do not rush after numbers and quantity, our focus is a qualified approach to everybody.

For this a reliable professional team is fundamental. And we have such a team here in The Netherlands and in Vinnitsia where Olga came from. Elena is our  Ukrainian partner and our main  matchmaker there. She is not only a successful professional with more than 15 years of experience as a matchmaker, but she is also a fantastic person who works with heart and soul. In our blog you can read Elena’s articles.

Building a happy relation with a beloved and loving Ukrainian lady is the best reward and recognition for the team of Love Bridge. Open you heart, take the step and let Ukrainian magic come into your life!