Swans’ happiness and our remaining time

04 April 2019

In Veghel we have 2 families of swans. In the beginning of March they started to create their simple and cosy nest close to water. One of swans’ nests is very close to a busy road and the municipality put extra fences around it to protect the bird couple. Every time when we walk near these wonderful creatures Marceau and I like to stop for a moment and enjoy looking at them from a distance not to make them too worried. Both swan ladies are going to be mothers soon and they are carefully sitting on their eggs. The future swan fathers are always very close to them, protecting their partners from curious people passing by. Cars often stop to look at these happy swan families.

During one of our walks and again looking at these beautiful clever birds, I started to think about our joint time with our beloved ones and happy moments with our families. Do we value this time fully? And actually,  how long can we enjoy these simple moments of family and love?

I have remembered one test that I did around a year ago that was really an eye-opening experience for me. It does not have a particular positive name, but it helps to understand where our life focus should be. It is called “The wheel of remaining time”. If you ask for example a 40-years old person “How much time do you still have to live?” and let’s say his or her average life expectancy is 80 years, I think this person will answer: “Yes, it is very simple, I still have 40 years to live.” But is it so?

If you make a circle and divide it into 80 pieces (that means 80 years) and you will take away 40, the remaining sectors represent the remaining 40 years of a life. Take away one third from these 40 parts for sleeping time: it is approx. 13 years. Take away one forth from these 40 parts for everyday inevitable to-do things (washing, cooking, taking a shower, shopping, etc): so, minus 10 years. If you love your job, don’t deduct anything from this life pie. If not, then minus 7 years (one third of 20 years, if we calculate that we work till 60…). The rest is yours! 10 years or 17 years (if you have a dream job). “Nice” result, isn’t it?

It is not. It is a dangerous illusion to think that you have 40 years of your life left for yourself. Taking the above example, you now understand that you have only 10 years of effective time in your life left. This is good food for thought about how you need to be critical with what you are filling your life with and how maybe you should start to change it. And, to think that if you succeed in this, then what? Because, you might be alone and you might want to share this precious time with a certain someone. We at LoveBridge understand that if you are looking for that special someone, you don’t want to waste any more time, that is already very precious and rare, but to start living it by sharing and loving.

And what better time than now? Do not procrastinate, change your life and add more effective time and quality to it. Maybe these 10 years can turn into 40 unforgettable years with a loved one. Go on, because time waits for no one.

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