26 March 2019

Have you noticed it too? The last few days I did as well: you wake up earlier, see more and more people jogging in the morning, hear birds singing and whole forests of daffodils and crocus flowers happily growing alongside the roads. The whole of nature is waking up from its (short) Winter slumber. Spring is here!

Of course, here in the Netherlands it first took a few weeks of rain and storm, but finally we are treated to warm and sunny weather the day after we officially entered the Spring season. With Spring comes Nature’s urge to find a mate.  When I observe the birds in my back garden, I see them quite busy building new nests. The male flies around the garden picking up twigs and bringing them to the nesting place, while the female critically observes the male’s activities. Soon, she needs to sit on the nest the male has created for her and her eggs, so she makes sure he does it properly. For many of us, it is kind of the same. With Spring we are re-energized and try to shake of the Winter blues (Vitamin D helps with this, trust me!). We want to clean and be busy in the garden. And of course, when you are single, the urge to find a mate grows with the warming of the weather and it seems for many Spring brings the feeling of new hope to find a partner.

Like it or not, we are also bound by the many rules and instincts we find in nature. Even our ancestors noticed this. They wrote it as a part of a love poem and is considered one of the oldest sentences in the early Dutch language: ‘Hebban olla vogala nestas hagunnan hinase hic anda thu, wat inbidan we nu?’. Translated it means: All birds have started their nests, except you and me. What are we waiting for? As an interesting side note. This was at the time in all probability written by a monk. I guess in his celibacy, he could observe both people’s and nature’s behavior. And found also in himself a secret longing.

If we go further back in time we find that in one of the old Greek creation myths Plato talks about how men were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. And fearing their power, the Greek god Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves. An interesting take on why people are searching and longing to find their soul mate.

Besides urges and longings, there can also be a more simple reason for people to find a new partner: people want a fresh start, to start clean. To shed off the old and start anew. Spring seems a perfect time for this. And Spring is here! So, whether it is one of the above reasons, or just your curiosity to see what is “out there”, why not bring something new into your life. Let Spring be the excuse for it. And of course, you can start by checking the ladies’ profiles here on Love Bridge. They too are busy with spring cleaning and are ready for a fresh new start with the right man!

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