Open a smiling Vinnytsia for you!

09 September 2018

You are planning to come to Vinnytsia to meet your Ukrainian princess? But what kind of city is Vinnytsia? What can you see there and what is the city’s DNA? Let us invite you on a virtual trip! Are you ready?

Vinnytsia  is a modern, friendly city in the central part of Ukraine. It is located only 2.5 hours away from Kyiv. Its population is 372 thousand inhabitants. The word “Vinnytsia” means gift. So,  no wonder that you are going to come here to find the love of your life and she will be your best gift!

Another name of Vinnytsia is “The City of Fountains”, because fountains  are at every turn.  Find time to visit an evening show of the Roshen fountain on the river of Southern Bug. It is a real “theatre” on water: simultaneously a laser and projection show accompanied by beautiful music. The fountain is the largest in Europe and one of the ten most spectacular in the world.  The Southern Bug river is a very charming element of the city and an excursion by boat for sure will allow you to see the city from a different angle.

Vinnytsia is a very green city. So, if you enjoy investigating the city by foot, you can take a walk through its parks and squares. In the main park you can get acquainted with “mini Vinnytsia”. This touristic location consists of twelve miniature copies (scale 1:25) of original, famous architectural and historically valuable monuments of the city. Everything is possible in Vinnytsia! If you are a fan of  the Beatles, then in one of the central city’s square you can meet the legendary “Liverpool Quartet”.

If you are interested in science,  you are always welcome in the Pirogov’s  Estate Museum. Nikolay Pirogov who lived and worked for more than 20 years in Vinnytsia was a genius surgeon, famous in the whole world scientist-anatomist, founder of military field surgery. For admirers of art it will be interesting to visit the Museum of Art. The museum has 7319 exhibits dating from the 17th till 20th century. You will enjoy magnificent canvases of different styles and different schools. Here you can also see porcelain products of the XVII-XX centuries, sculpture and antique furniture. Museum of Science, Museum of Stamps, Museum of Retro-Technology “Avtomotovelofototeleradio” can be also on your list!

The city will enchant you with its creative sculptures and installations, street art objects, and… its cozy atmosphere. Are you not tired? What do you think if we visit the nice restaurant “Panorama” where we could drink a cup coffee and…see Vinnytsia spread before your eyes. The view is fantastic!

Would you like a nice energized dessert? Here you are! This video prepared by the participants of the “Voice of Ukraine”  will show you  the smiling city Vinnytsia and … its beautiful smiling Ukrainian ladies:https:  Enjoy!


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