Everybody knows how important it is to find a good specialist: a good dentist, a good plumber, a good carpenter, a good babysitter. But have you ever thought about the importance of the role of a good matchmaker? This person does not repair just something in your house or cures you when you have a cold, but this specialist can heal your very heart by helping you search for your beloved one and bring happiness in your life. If you are single and want to find the love of your life, then you are in the right place with the right specialists.

Love Bridge is an international matchmaking agency based in the Netherlands. The motto of our team is “Bridging countries – connecting hearts!” It is not by accident that we chose such a uniting slogan for our company. We are convinced that in our modern world love doesn’t have any more borders and by enabling our client’s search for his loved one (building a bridge) we also will be able to connect two people who otherwise would not have found each other (connecting hearts). Of course, every search needs a good start or plan and in combination with some matchmaking magic this will go a long way towards success.  And finally we not only listen to our clients’ spoken wishes, but we also listen to their hearts and souls. This will help us to create the best match between you and your future beloved one.

The matchmakers of  Love Bridge are values-driven modern cupids. Love is at the heart of our company. Everything we do and how we do is for the love quest of our clients. We call our values BRIDGE values, because:

  • We Believe in people;
  • We Respect our clients;
  • We Improve your life;
  • We Deliver our best for you;
  • We Generate butterflies;
  • We Empower individuals.

What is also important to remember is that matchmaking is not the same as a dating website or dating apps.  In our matchmaking process you are treated as a unique person and not as a statistic in a database. Our Ukrainian ladies’ profiles are real and our professional team of matchmakers is serious in helping you. Moreover, all the Ukrainian ladies that join our agency have had a personal interview with our colleagues in our Vinnitsia office. Security and reliability is important for us. That’s why we always study thoroughly ladies’ documents.  Because all ladies live in one city, it is easy to keep in regular contact with them and always have up-to-date information about their profiles. This will never be possible with an agency that has Ukrainian ladies from the whole country!

The process of finding a beloved one can be compared with a well managed project. Indeed, if you have a professional team that works with precision, pace and passion on one side and there is a client with an open heart  and strong desire to meet his Ukrainian beauty on the other side, the project will be always realized with outstanding results.

Our matchmaking process consists of six steps:

  1. You contact us indicating that you are interested in our services.
  2. We send you an information document to fill out in advance of step 3.
  3. We organize a face-to-face meeting (for example Skype) to understand what your wishes are.
  4. We create your personal profile based on your wishes, needs and desires.
  5. We start the matchmaking process by sending your profile to the ladies you have chosen.
  6. After their responses, we organize your matchmaking trip to Ukraine.

If you have questions, you can easily contact us. We further like to invite you to read our Blog for lot of useful and interesting articles or to check our testimonials.